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Heybaby: This Dating App Sends You Astrology-Approved Matches

If you’re single and unsure which dating app to use, this astrology-approved app could be a great option for you. The app matches you with other singles who share your astrological star sign. The app will allow you to chat with these individuals and send them texts, stickers, voice and video messages. In addition, it will let you view other people’s profiles and share content with them.


Unlike other dating apps, Heybaby sends you astrology-approved matches. The app also allows you to record a 10-second video to verify yourself. The video can be displayed publicly or hidden, depending on your preferences. It’s available for iOS and Android, but it’s not currently available on the Web.

Founded by three dads, Heybaby uses a unique method of matching people based on astrology. You answer a series of questions about yourself and your family and about what your future plans are. The app then sends you matches based on compatibility based on their answers.

Struck is another dating app with a strong focus on astrology. The app was rejected by Apple nine times before being approved. Some reviewers deemed it spam and banned it, but the team was able to get it approved. Its users can also choose to use the app just for fun.

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You’ve probably heard of Struck, the new dating app that uses astrology to find compatible matches. The app asks you to input your birth details, including date, time, and location, and then creates a birth chart for you. Then, you can pick out six traits from your birth chart to find the right match.

Using astrology can help you find the right partner for you, but if you’re skeptical about the validity of such a system, Struck can help. It allows users to choose the type of relationship they’d like and narrow down the pool of potential partners. The app’s astrology adviser, Nadine Jane Lo, grew up in a secular household and was an agnostic about astrology until she was in college.

The founder of Ilios recently underwent a divorce and used dating apps to find love. The founder noticed that many of these apps mention the astrological signs of their users. She wanted to create a dating app that would take these factors into account. The app will send you a list of matches based on astrology.


The Ilios dating app is part of a constellation of astrological dating apps. It sends you matches based on astrological compatibility. Its creators hope to attract a diverse demographic. The founder recently divorced and used dating apps to find a new partner. He noticed how superficial most of these apps were and thought of ways to improve the experience.

Ilios is free to use and matches people according to astrology. The app uses several variables to determine compatibility between individuals. It also plays up astrological features such as a match’s horoscope and zodiac sign.

Astrology is becoming increasingly popular and can be a powerful tool in online dating. While some experts remain skeptical, millennials and Gen Zers are bullish on the idea. Using astrology for dating could potentially make people feel more romantic and connect.

Dating App

Dating App


This dating app works by assessing compatibility on several planes. It plays up astrological features, including the sign of the person’s birth. It is based on a system called synastry, which analyzes planetary alignments to determine a person’s compatibility with another person.

This dating app has undergone a long and difficult road to get approved by Apple. The developers took ten submissions and eventually received approval. The app was initially flagged as spam by the App Store reviewers, but their team has since removed its astrology features.

It’s important to be assertive. If you think you’ve met someone with a compatible astrological sign, send the first message to find out if they’d like to meet you. Once you’ve made contact, be assertive and polite. It’s important not to let the conversation trail. If a match does respond, move forward, flirt, and see what happens.


Astrology has become an increasingly popular topic, and this dating app takes that interest one step further. It analyzes the birth chart of a user to suggest similar matches based on astrology. The app also offers details on planetary retrogrades, as well as how compatible you are with different people.

To use this app, you need to enter your date of birth and where you were born. The app will then create a birth chart based on those details. Once your birth chart is complete, you can choose personality traits and life priorities. The app then sends you a list of matches that match your profile traits.

Struck has undergone rigorous review processes to ensure its quality and effectiveness. Apple rejected its dating app nine times – mainly due to complaints about spamming. It has also been flagged by app reviewers as spam for its use of astrology in online dating. Despite the challenges that the app faces, Struck has successfully launched a dating app that uses astrology to help singles find their match.

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