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3Fun Review – Is 3Fun Safe?

3Fun is a location-based mobile online dating application available for both Android and iOS devices. Currently, the app is available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Netherlands, and several other countries. It has over two million downloads overall, and approximately 100,000 monthly users. Users can find partners in their area and chat in real time.

Pen Test Partners found that 3Fun users’ location could be tracked to a house or a building

In one of its tests, Pen Test Partners found that it was possible to track the exact location of 3Fun users to a building or house. It was able to do so by spoofing the location of the user. This allowed researchers to find where users were located in real time. However, the researchers were unable to verify whether or not the photos they took were real.

The vulnerability was found in a system called Manager Service Provider. The vulnerability affects software that allows third-party companies to gain remote access and install updates. 3Fun’s application does not encrypt its traffic between the application and its server, making it vulnerable to spoofing.

Location information is only filtered on the 3Fun app

Researchers have discovered that the 3Fun app does not protect users’ location information. Users are exposed to identifying information about buildings, streets, and even their gender. As a result, anyone can track users by using spoofing technology. To prevent this from happening, the 3Fun app limits position information on the app and on its servers.

3Fun’s registration process only takes a few minutes, and registration options include email verification, importing information from Facebook, and registering via mobile. The mobile option is especially convenient for those who are constantly on the go.

3Fun is a dating site for non-monogamous couples

3Fun is a dating site for polyamorous and non-monogamous couples that offers interest-based matching and swiping tools to find compatible matches. Safety is a major concern in the polyamorous dating scene, where users put their hearts on the line and must be sure that they won’t be catfished. To combat this, 3Fun’s team verifies all user profiles to protect their privacy and prevent fraud.

The site also tackles the problem of catfishing and romance scams. Users are encouraged to report any suspicious activity, and it is investigated when necessary. Content is also scanned for any illegal content to protect its users.

3Fun protects its users from catfish

3Fun has taken steps to protect its users from catfish. Every profile and photo uploaded to the website is subject to a verification process. In addition, 3Fun employs artificial intelligence to identify catfish. Using fast iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, this program detects and removes fake profiles.

The 3FUN app also uses encryption to protect the privacy of its users. It stores its database on Amazon US and its server uses pre-signed URLs. The 3Fun team is working on implementing an Amazon Web Application Firewall to protect its server from bots and common web exploits. The app also makes user photos private by default.

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