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    It is not uncommon for dating agencies to promise paradise, as it were: that with their help a person can find precisely the companion who best suits him or her. That no one has to be content with a mediocre relationship anymore. A number of providers even promise to have found a formula for happiness: a sophisticated algorithm that can be used to filter out the right partner from the almost unmanageable range real sex hookups. The reality shows, however, that singles can choose from an infinite number of men and women willing to contact - but still often fail to find the right one. The British economist Peter Backus wanted to find out a few years ago how likely it is for him to find a suitable partner. Backus, then 30, tried to understand why he didn't have a girlfriend, although his claims seemed comparatively modest. He wanted a partner who, like him, lived in London, who should be between 24 and 32 years old, who was good looking and who had studied. Backus calculated that around 10,510 women in the UK met these minimum criteria. He then calculated how many of these people did not have a partner, how many could feel attracted to him and how many of this subset he would get along with sufficiently well. The result: According to his formula, only 26 women in the greater London area were eligible for him.
  • Discover cutting-edge strategies to help you reach your dating goals
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  • Find out how to get that guy to stop texting you and ask you out
  • Learn how to make sure the people you are interested in see the real you
  • How to master the art of attraction and succeed in finding lasting happiness
Did you know if you marry someone you meet online, the divorce rate is triple that of other marriages? When it comes to dating, times have changed! There are new ways to date and meet that didn’t even exist ten years ago. 1Join Mark Owen and Sherrie Nattrass at the Phoenix Dating Forum, the “first-of-its-kind” interactive dating skills workshop Saturday, July 11th at the Hotel Palomar. If you are dating the wrong people, or worse, aren’t dating at all, this event could change your life. The forum will be led by Mark Owen, founder of Events & Adventures, the world’s largest and most enduring social club for singles. Mark will be joined by personal branding expert, Sherrie Nattrass. mixAlso joining Mark and Sherrie will be host of the Mix 96.9 morning show, Priscilla! An inspiring woman with an fascinating story of her own, Priscilla is on hand to lend her contagious personality to the question-and-answer session, and to share her own perspectives on love and life in the Valley, as well. Mark and Sherrie will answer your questions and share valuable insights about meeting people:
  • How to engage in conversation
  • What to say first
  • What to continue talking about
  • What to focus on when you attend an event
  • What to wear and why
  • What to do
  • What not to do